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Revo+ Short Film Contest

What is it about?

In Africa where the power of storytelling is invaluable to our culture, REVO+ presents a unique short film competition that invites filmmakers to explore the theme “REVOlution Through The Lens” This competition challenges filmmakers to share short films that are made in the last five years that delve into any of these specific social issues: health, culture, corruption, entrepreneurship, governance and gender equality, offering a perspective on the challenges and triumphs of our time.

We are looking for stories that captivate, provoke, and inspire, shedding light on these multifaceted issues that shape our continent. These themes encourage filmmakers to not only spotlight the challenges we face but also the resilience, hope, and transformative potential within us.

As REVO+ strives to become a formidable force in the world of online streaming, this competition aims to harness the power of storytelling to spark conversations, drive change, and provide a platform for diverse voices to be heard. Filmmakers are encouraged to push boundaries, provoke thought, and ultimately contribute to a more informed, empathetic, and united society.

We aim to inspire filmmakers and movie directors to redefine our world through the lens of their camera and explore the limitless possibilities of storytelling. Their film may just be the catalyst for positive change.


Entries are open from

1st of November, 2023 to
1st of January, 2024


Entries would be reviewed from

2nd to 20th of January, 2024


Fill out the form and submit your short video links. Participants who qualify will be contacted.

The selection process

  1. Originality and Creativity: We are looking for original stories that are fresh and innovative, as well as unique thoughts and creative execution.
  2. Technical Quality: Quality cinematography, sound design, editing, and overall production execution.
  3. Storytelling and Narrative: It is critical to have a compelling and engaging story. Strong characters, efficient pacing, and a well-structured plot.
  4. Themes: The film must reflect any of the stated themes. (Health, Culture, Corruption, Entrepreneurship, Governance and Gender Equality)
  5. Impression: The film’s thought, appeal to a wider audience and ability to spark a discussion will be considered.
  6. Overall Execution: The overall picture of the film—story, direction, acting and production and technicality.

Prize Money

One Million Naira Only

Seven Hundred Thousand Naira Only

Three Hundred Thousand Naira Only

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